How to use your membership card

You need your membership card to make payment at a Liberty Health Cover preferred healthcare provider, so make sure that you have your card with you at all times.

Important: Your membership card(s) remain the property of Strategis and you will need to return them to your employer once your Liberty Health Cover ends. A cessation form must be completed and signed by your employer and submitted to Strategis with the cards of members listed to be terminated.

Unfortunately, if the membership cards are used to visit a healthcare provider after your cover or that of your dependants has come to an end, you will be responsible for any amounts owing to the healthcare provider.

Membership Card

What to do if your membership card is lost or stolen

Inform Liberty Health immediately at the contact details below. Unfortunately if you do not inform us, you will be held personally liable for any claims paid through misuse of your card. You will be responsible for paying the cost for any additional replacement card(s).

Addition of newborns

  • There is no automatic health insurance cover for newborn children except neo-natal necessary care for the first four days after birth under the mother’s cover if the mother is a member.
  • The existing principal member needs to complete the Additional Dependant Application Form and add the new-born as a member following the normal course of addition of members for cover to be available for the new-born after four days from birth. Please contact your HR Department to obtain the application form and to add the newborn.

Contact details to report lost or stolen cards and to add new dependants

  • Telephone +255 22 260 2570/74/81
    (8 am – 5 pm weekdays, excl. public holidays)
  • Email [email protected]