As we head into holiday season and travel is back on the cards, we collected gems from expert travellers on how you can make travelling a smoother experience.

The prospect of a holiday not only brings a lot of excitement, but it also adds some tasks to your to-do list. This aspect of travelling can make things stressful for some but there are ways to plan ahead and breathe easy.

Pack Smart – a bit of research will help you pack better. Pack for the weather and the types of activities you plan to do. Having your basics packed into a carry-on luggage bag is vital because a lost bag can really derail your trip. Less is more when it comes to packing and having a packing checklist will ensure you have everything down to your toothbrush and charger packed in.

Give it Time – leave earlier than necessary so that you have breathing room. Don’t be the person who’s holding up the flight or drives to an unknown destination in the dark just because you left late. Relaxation is the point of the game, not creating stressful situations.

Locals – for the true experience of a place, go to where the locals go. Find out where they shop, where they eat and where they like to party. Not only will you discover gems but you’ll also get some affordable experiences that will create lifelong memories.

Emergency Ready – travel insurance is a must because travel doesn’t make you immune to life’s emergencies. Keep your personal information on you and any ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts. Make sure you’ve also communicated your travels to your bank and any other authorities that might need to know.

Spare Cash – you’ll likely need it. Having cash on you allows you to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. Having extra bank cards in a different bag also helps so that no matter what happens, you aren’t stranded.

Adventurous Spirit – perhaps the most important of the tips. You aren’t travelling just so that you can do the same things you always do. Live a little, try something new and allow yourself to really relax so that you can take in your well-deserved break.