The policy has been developed to protect THT, its employees, assets, operations, clients and reputation in the environment in which it operates and to ensure the protection of personal information (with a focus on customers and employees).

THT is committed to safeguarding its information assets, operations and reputation, at all times acting in a manner consistent with the relevant regulations, frameworks and compliance obligations.

This policy supports the privacy rights of individuals and complies with the conditions for lawful processing of personal information.

The following principles depict THT’s stance and its allegiance to its obligations:-

  • THT has identified and made organisational provisions (governance, people, process and technology) to manage information privacy across its life-cycle. This will ensure compliance with applicable information privacy; regulation, legislation and internal directives.
  • All personal information collected and used by THT is done so lawfully and in a reasonable manner which does not infringe on any individual’s privacy. This includes holding only the minimal amount of information required, obtaining consent to use personal information (where required), and allowing individuals to object to the use of their information, and as far as possible, collecting information directly from individuals and juristic entities.
  • Personal information will at all times only be used for specific purposes, and the individual is aware of the information collected and what it will be used for. Records will only be kept for such time as the individual or juristic entity has a relationship with THT or as required by law or to support a business need, following which they will be archived or securely disposed of.
  • Personal information may be used for secondary purposes (processing beyond initial collection purposes), provided this further processing is disclosed to the individual or juristic entity. Consent will be gained for marketing purposes.
  • THT will take reasonable measures to ensure that all personal information under its control is complete, accurate, and will offer individuals various platforms and opportunities to update their personal information and exercise any other rights that they may have under applicable information privacy laws.
  • THT will maintain a manual for requests for personal information. At points where personal information is collected, individuals will be made aware of what the information will be used for, any law which authorise such collection, where information may be transferred to a third party or across international borders, and the rights that they have in terms of their personal information.
  • THT is committed to ensuring that organisational controls are in place to protect all personal information for which it is responsible.
  • Any third parties providing services to THT and who have access to personal information are required to adhere to similar security safeguards and THT reserves the right to review their information security practices and procedures at any time. In the event that personal information is compromised, appropriate notification and risk mitigation procedures will be followed.

THT reserves the right to amend this information privacy policy at any time, and in line with Nigerian Federal Laws, and such changes will be updated on our website.