Our in-patient health care benefits cover admission to any private hospital within our network of healthcare providers at cost. We pay for the hospital bill and any associated costs from these benefits.

Our health plans provide the benefits for the following treatment and services subject to pre-authorisation:

Hospital treatment and services

We cover the following medical treatment and services:

  • Hospital accommodation.
  • In-patient fees for physicians, specialists, surgeons, anaesthetists, physiotherapists and other relevant specialist consultations in hospital.
  • Operating theatre charges.
  • Apparatus, material, and ward and theatre medicines used in hospital.
  • Accommodation for one parent sharing the hospital room of a Liberty Health Cover dependant 12 years or younger who is treated as an in-patient. The treating doctor will need to advise us in writing that the parent should remain with the child.

In-country ambulance service

We cover in-country ambulance transport from the scene of the emergency to the nearest available medical facility.

Intensive care

We provide benefits for a higher level of treatment, nursing vigilance and monitoring than is available in a high care unit when it is medically necessary.

In-hospital maternity cover

We cover the following:

  • Confinement, the period of pregnancy when a woman is confined to a hospital bed (in an effort to reduce the risk of premature delivery).
  • Childbirth (natural delivery)
  • Midwives, and
  • A non-elective caesarean section.

Neonatal care

We provide cover for neonatal care required for a new-born baby.

Prosthesis and devices

We cover the costs of:

  • Artificial limbs
  • Internal (surgically implanted) devices and prostheses, such as: pacemakers, orthopaedic prostheses including hip replacements
  • Orthopaedic implants e.g. bone lengthening devices, spinal plates and screws
  • Endo-vascular devices
  • Devices for the central nervous system, cardiac system and ophthalmic and auditory system

Specialised radiology

We provide benefits for specialised radiology required in or out of hospital, such as CT and MRI scans.

External medical appliances

We provide benefits for wheelchairs, glucometers, hearing aids, low-vision appliances and large orthopaedic orthotics (for example, a back brace).

Psychiatric hospitalisation

We cover the cost of in-patient psychiatric treatment received at a psychiatric unit of a hospital. All treatment must be administered under the supervision of a registered psychiatrist.

Major disease benefit

We provide benefits for the cost of treatment (in and out of hospital) for oncology (cancer), organ transplants and renal (kidney) dialysis up to the major disease benefit limit and subject to clinical/treatment protocols.

Renal (kidney dialysis) and organ transplants are covered on all plans.

Pre-authorisation is required for all the above treatment and services. This will ensure that we pay your related claims from the correct and available benefits.