We provide benefits for transportation in the case of an emergency medical condition.

We pay for the transportation costs from the country where the emergency medical condition occurs to the nearest, appropriate medical facility within the member’s area of cover (based on their chosen health plan).

The nearest medical facility may be within the country where the emergency medical condition occurs.

International emergency medical evacuation (ambulance and air travel)**

We pay your transport costs for evacuation from the country where the emergency medical condition occurs to the nearest available medical facility within the area of cover.

This benefit is available on the Essence, Core Care, Traditional, Classic and Plus plans.

Compassionate travel and accommodation costs

We will fund 3 nights’ accommodation for an accompanying adult if required.

Transfer to country of residence

We provide benefits to transport you to your country of residence on the African continent, following an international emergency medical evacuation, provided that we pre-authorise these costs before you travel.

Return of remains of the deceased

We cover the preparation and transport of your remains from the place of death to your home country, should you or your beneficiaries die during an international emergency medical evacuation.

This applies provided that your home country is in your area of cover.


  • Requires pre-authorisation and approval by our Medical Adviser.
  • The medical condition must be a serious or life-threatening emergency medical condition that requires immediate evacuation.
  • The purpose of evacuation will be to avoid death or serious impairment of the insured person’s immediate or long-term health.