How to use your membership card

You need your membership card to make payment at one of our preferred healthcare providers, so make sure that you have your card with you at all times.

Important: Your membership card remains the property of Heritage Insurance and we request that you return it to us should your health insurance cover with us end. Unfortunately, if your card is used to visit a healthcare provider after your cover has come to an end, you will be responsible for any amounts owing to the healthcare provider.

What to do if your membership card is lost or stolen

Inform us immediately at the contact details below. Unfortunately if you do not inform us, you will be held personally liable for any claims paid through misuse of your card. You will be responsible for paying the cost for any additional replacement card(s).

  • Telephone
    +254 711 076 333 (24 hours)
    +254 20 278 3000 (business hours)
  • Email
    [email protected]
  • Mobile
    +254 711 039 000 (business hours)