We’ve created an easy to-do list to help you live your best life this summer. It’ll give you the kickstart you need to stop daydreaming and start getting out and about

At the beginning of the year, we make all kinds of promises to ourselves. A common one is wanting to do more with our lives by being open to adventure, meeting people and having fun. Then, when winter rolls around, we promise ourselves that once the sun is out, we’ll hop off our couches, put down our phones, get fit and healthy, and go out and have a good time. Season after season we make great plans but often never get to realise them.

It’s time for action, and now that summer is here, we want to help you make things happen, just like you’ve promised yourself so many times before.

Every time you feel as if you should be doing something, but you don’t know what, our summer to-do list will give you the motivation you need. It’s super simple, but the magic ingredient is you putting our suggestions into practice or coming up with your own. Once you do, you’ll discover that the world is full of new experiences for you to take up and enjoy, so you can get back to work feeling refreshed and revitalised in the new year.

Activity Menu

  • Go for a walk, run or bike ride. This is a great way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. If you have kids, you can make it a fun family outing by playing games or having a picnic along the way.
  • Visit a park or playground. Most parks and playgrounds offer free admission and a variety of activities for kids of all ages. You can play on the swings, go for a walk on the trails, or enjoy a picnic.
  • Go to the beach or public pool. If you live near a beach or pool, you can enjoy a day of swimming, sunbathing and building sandcastles. Many beaches and pools offer free admission on certain days of the week.
  • Have a picnic in the park. This is a great way to enjoy a meal with friends and family without having to spend a lot of money. Simply pack a lunch and head to your favourite park.
  • Go stargazing. This is a free and fun activity that you can do anywhere. Find a dark spot away from the city lights and lie on your back. Look up at the stars and try to identify some well-known constellations like Orion’s Belt, the Big Dipper and the North Star.
  • Visit a museum or library. Many museums and libraries offer free admission on certain days of the week. You can also check if they offer any free programmes or events.
  • Go to a free concert or movie. Many cities offer free concerts and movies in the park during the summer. Check your local park’s website for listings or search for ‘Parks near me’.
  • Volunteer your time. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and meet new people. There are many different volunteer opportunities available, so you can find something that interests you.
  • Have a game night with friends and family. This is a fun and free way to spend time with loved ones. You can play board games, card games or video games.
  • Start a summer reading challenge. This is a great way to encourage yourself and your family to read more books. Set a goal, such as reading a certain number of books or reading a book from different genres, for yourself or even run a competition with a fun prize for the family.
  • Take a free online class. There are many websites that offer free online classes on a variety of topics, such as cooking, photography and foreign languages. Then go out and test your new skill.
  • Go hiking or camping. If you live near a park or forest, you can go hiking or camping for free. Be sure to check the regulations and pack everything you need. Here is a link to some popular trails in certain parts of the continent.
  • Visit a local farmers market. Farmers markets are a great way to buy fresh produce and support local farmers. Many farmers markets also offer free cooking demonstrations, live music and other activities.
  • Have a backyard barbecue (braai). Invite your friends and family over for a cookout. The internet is filled with great recipes to try and you can play games suitable for the age groups present.
  • Act like a tourist. Africa is known for amazing activities that others travel to enjoy. Check out facilities such as ziplining and game drives in your region and get to see your area in a different light. Day passes for safaris are available in most game parks. Don’t forget to ask for the local rate.

Don’t forget to take photos of your adventures.

Here’s to a happy summer!